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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re your favorite Pooper Scooper Service, of course!

Any tool that Yard Guard LLC is using so you can relax!

We operate almost every day of the year and will show up when the weather conditions are safe. If we are unable to service your property, you will still be billed the regular amount as we will be scooping double the mess the following week. 

Nope! Residential customers are not required to sign contracts. Commercial clients, might be required to sign a contract.

Of course! Get your friend to sign up for regular services with us and you’ll both get a free week of service!

Yard Guard LLC is the best company in Northern Kentucky based on 3 factors: Reliability, Affordability, and Integrity. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Nick, the owner is available to all customers and keeps the business under tight control to ensure seamless communication and maximum value to the customer. We take care of our customers, and our team members so that you can enjoy a quality job each week from a professional tech who is earning an excellent wage and happy to be working for you. From our founder down to the techs in the field we truly care about each and every customer, each and every dog, each and every yard that we enter. We take pride in doing the right thing and being the best we can be, even if we are just a poop scoop company.

Yes! We love dogs. The best part of our day is seeing our K9 friends at each stop. We can scoop with your dogs in the yard provided they are friendly.

We can still provide service. We would just ask that you keep any protective dogs inside the house temporarily.

If you have any other questions, fill out this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!